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Technology and the Future

A lot has happened in technology in the past year. This shows there is more to think of this year. Technology seems poised to be both good and not so good things our way. Here are a few items that shall be focused on mostly this year.
Since there has been such a radical and often dangerous use of social media, it is expected that the government shall intervene to regulate its use. This shall be in an attempt to reduce the bad ways in which our private info has been exploited.
There shall also be more space exploration expeditions. Last year saw us go further into space then we had ever before. In our quest to learn more about how our solar system was formed, such expeditions shall increase in due course.
We can also say that solar power usage shall increase this time. We are almost at the stage where making solar panels shall be cheaper. Therefore, more and more people shall adopt the use of solar power, which is much better for the environment than any other energy source.
We will also see more efforts aimed at doing something about climate change. At the moment, our relationship with nature is at its worst. The efforts people put in this regard have not made an impact, but that will change soon.
There have also been technological advancement in the field of prosthetics, which should lead to better integration of these artificial limbs with the patients. The new brain-implanted electrodes shall make it possible for those who could not manipulate their prosthetics to do so with greater ease.
There is also hope that we will finally curb our bad habits of string at our phone screens for too long. These devices have become better at so many functions in such a manner that it is now harder for most people to put them down. But with voice command and interaction getting better, we will soon not have to rely so much on touching and looking at those screens. When this is made a reality; we shall see a great step forward in technology.
There is also the hope that with the recent discovery of the influence of DNA on the spread of some diseases, we shall manage these deadly conditions much better. When we can find out early enough through DNA testing the probability of contracting some of those diseases, it shall become easier to put in place measures to curb their effects in our lives.
We are also yet to discover more areas in which technology and science can have a positive impact and lead to us living a more fulfilling and happier life than before. You can read more info on this site.

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