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Scary Things Recorded On Security Cams
Security cameras have a primary purpose of keeping businesses and homes safe by keeping criminals away. Still, that doesn’t mean that they are biased when it comes to recording, they go ahead to record anything that is within the vicinity. Frightening things could be recorded on some occasions. The following discussion shows some of the most chilling events that have ever been caught on tape.

Unnerving Clowns
Clowns are mostly found in the circuses and shows. The only time you see them in your hood is when they have come to liven up birthday celebrations. ADT business and home security cameras managed to pick up disturbing clown activities in various towns around the world. The clowns were going around in swirls, doing bizarre things. As time passed the clown cases became more common and scary especially when they started abducting children.

Stripped Intruder
Homes are places where people get to escape from the madness of everyday life. A strange incident still went ahead to take place in Danielle Yancey’s house, the lady showed the public a recording that her ADT business and home security camera made of a stripped man intruding her home. Socks and a mask were the only things that the man had on him. Normal people regard this madness, the only good part about the incident is that the lady wasn’t hurt at all.

Miami’s Flesh-Eater
This was the most disturbing amongst all the incidents that have transpired on camera, and the fact that it occurred in the middle of such a big city as Miami make it scarier. An indication that anyone could have been a victim of the incident. A man by the name Eugene was recorded on ADT business security cameras beating a homeless man, Poppa, ruthlessly. Drug abuse was Eugene’s favorite activity. The police came to rescue the homeless man and could only do so by shooting Eugene.

Elissa Lam; Her Bizarre Disappearance
Elissa Lam was a college student from Canada. How she disappeared is the creepiest recording ever caught on ADT business security cameras. Elissa had gone to LA to stay there for some time and was doing it in a hotel by the name Cecil which had very many cases of murders and suicides’ some people even said that the hotel had paranormal occurrences. The strange recording was taken on one fateful evening as the girl entered an elevator. Footage shows the girl pressing elevator buttons then talking to a strange person and finally waving in an odd manner. She left the elevator after that and went to her death. Her body was discovered some weeks later, decomposing in a water tank.