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5 Things You Can Achieve With Your Android Phone Without Rooting It

The Android phone comes with a wide range of flexibility, and you can achieve specific functions without necessarily rooting your device. Understanding the different apps on your phone can ensure that you have full access to various functionalities. Below are some of the android tricks that you should know that can enhance its functionality.

Most developers have come up with applications which makes it possible to do a screen record whenever you have installed them on your android system. Checking on the play store will give you a variety of the screen recording apps that you can install and you should ensure that your phone supports the android lollipop 5.0 and you can click here for the apps.

It is easy to play some of the most complicated games that android phone does not support once you understand the android hacks. When you use the android game emulators, you can easily play some of the game such as the Nintendo 64 games or the old Pokemon, and you can check here for more. Most system does not allow the game emulators and you may have to root your phone before you can access various games.

Once you have acquired the budget tablet or android phone, after using it for some time you will have to suffer the lagging process. The tweaking of settings on your android phone can efficiently reduce the lagging without you have to download any applications. You can ensure that your phone is running smoothly, by going to the settings and find the animation scales and change the value from 1 x to 0.5 x.

The knowledge of the widgets can boost the performance of your phone because you can create functionality that was not there before. You should know the best-customized applications to download to ensure that the widgets are enhanced to make your phone look beautiful. When you want to get the best customization apps, you can click here.

When you are already using your phone to run most of your business function then you can use it also to control your personal computer. It is possible to use your phone in any location once you have linked it to your PC because you’ll be able to check emails and arrange for business and meetings from any point and you can discover more here.

It is not necessary that you root your phone before you can access the different functions that are available because of the android hacks. Understanding the different hacks can make you discover more about your android system, and you can check this site.